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Standard Animated SVG

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Website Project Scaffolding Templating System

This template starter is a website project scaffolding starter. It uses the latest in web technologies to get your project underway and started quickly. This is not a dynamic website creator, it is meant to be used for project scaffolding. This application can be used on any operating system.

** This application usesNodeJS Download the latest stable version.

To Get Started


** UPDATE: You can install the template starter as an NPM Package by typing:

npm install template-starter


Download the file on github at

While In Terminal

** NOTE: change your-project-name to the name of your project. **

git clone your-project-name

cd your-project-name

npm install


Open your web browser to http://localhost:3000/ to see automatic changes made to the documents.

Folder Structure

├── src # The files you edit.
│ ├── assets # Your Assets (scss, css, img, design, js)
│ ├── data # Place .json, .yaml, or .yml files in this folder.
│ ├── helpers # Panini Helpers
│ ├── layouts # Your Layouts – Must have default
│ ├── pages # Your Pages
│ └── partials # Reusable code that can be added to your site
└── .gitignore # This is your github file that tells github which files/folder to ignore.
└── gulpfile.js # The code behind making this work.
└── package.json # Package info, used for saving and installing dependencies.